I know that you are not here by chance …

Your search has brought you to me.  There are no accidents in life and no coincidence either.  So welcome.  I am here and I am listening.

I am guessing that you are in a place of resistance and frustration.  Perhaps pain.  Lots of questions and probably lots of whys!  No one steps up if they are in a place of comfort.  If you feel some degree of chaos… you are ready to step up …  you, by free will (even if it doesn’t feel like it) are evoking change.  I can help.  I help you see your own wisdom and take you to your most powerful decision which comes from insight and understanding of yourself.  This has been my life’s work.  Getting people to understand themselves and then have courage and strength to take a step …. and then to keep going.

Soul Healing with Coaching-01
Vicky Ross - Helping you to find balance

You may already know that everything is for a reason and normally in hindsight we know that things get better, but in the moment often things feel worse.  I can help.  I can listen.  I can be the catalyst to guide you and ease your pain.  I can help you make sense of the nonsense in your life.  I can help you be free.  Are you ready?

Your life is a quest for your spirit.  Your learnings and developments are divided between your experiences, meetings and years that you live.  Nothing is from nothing.  What you are seeking for is calm, happiness, love and peace.  That comes from balance from the physical body, the mental body, the emotional body and of course the spiritual body.

To have harmony in life you need to have harmony on the inside and on the outside.

When you master one, the next lesson is ready.  Not all are hard, the time in chaos is when we push back the hardest and therefor experience the most growth.  If you are committed to your self realisation, personal awareness and personal and spiritual growth … then I am ready to hold your hand and take you where you want to go.

There are many ways to walk this path called life.  Some walk slow and some walk fast.  There is no right or wrong, good or bad.  All just is.  If this feels right, contact me for a chat so you and I can see if we are a good fit.  There is no obligation … just two people chatting.